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Chatroom for my personal website!

Discussion in 'Web Design & Development' started by KetheyD, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. KetheyD

    KetheyD New Member

    Hello guys,

    Hope you are doing great so far. I need your help please. I recently build 2 websites. Both of them are customer based. Now I would like to set up chatroom onto them. But not sure which chatroom should I set up. Which one do you use mate? And how much does it cost?

    Please let me know. I will wait for your further reply. Thanks!
  2. KetheyD

    KetheyD New Member

    Hello mate,

    I was waiting for your reply. However, I searched online and found few good chatroom there. Some of them are really good and reliable. Even I see their monthly charge as well like ChatWing. ChatWing monthly charge only $14 which is under my budget. Also I can limit my user chatroom I want. Also anyone can use social media accounts to register onto ChatWing chatroom. So I am much interested to use ChatWing chatroom. What do you think?