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Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by Joshuaethan, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. How important are the fonts and typography for your brand image?

    No offense, but people don’t even know the difference between fonts and typography; this knowledge is restricted to designers and graphic artists only. Still! Your audience is quite knowledgeable of which font suits your brand and which do not.

    Similarly, typography is also important as they can judge how you have used images and color in your design. The thing about typography is that it can affect how your audience is going to perceive your product or brand, whether it is used in an ad, magazine, or document. This is the reason why designers use practices like kerning and ligatures that makes the design look more appealing and professional.

    Sometimes it’s not what is written; it’s how it is written. I am not claiming that the typography is more essential than the content quality. It is just right fonts, and typography can make the content look even better.

    I personally believe that typography and fonts have much to do with when it is about logo designing. They can help you set a certain tone that you want for your brand considering the targeted audience.

    Thence, when your designer asks you about your preference for fonts for your custom logo design, you have to pick the most appropriate one. However, through detailed research about your business purposes can help you limit the font choices, largely.

    Which font would you use for your logo? I am a big Helvetica fan.
  2. Akhil

    Akhil Administrator Staff Member Adminstrator

    Hi @Joshuaethan
    Thank you for posting the article. I looked on your service.
    Can you please private message me about the pricing structure of your logo design service?
    By the way, how is Discuss Fox logo?;)