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Who Supports Trump Here

Discussion in 'Politics' started by eProject, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. eProject

    eProject Member

    With his controversial statements, I don't think that Donald Trump stands a chance of winning in the coming USA elections. He seems to be dividing societies across religious lines. In today's world we need to condemn such statements since we are preaching peace among our societies. This world is for us all and anybody has a right to edit anywhere at their convenient time.
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  2. ZipMedia

    ZipMedia Member

    I support Trump. You have to appreciate his strategy, which is quite literally to cause controversy. He might seem like his campaign is being led by ego-centrism, but you have to realize that he knows what he's doing. He WANTS to cause controversy for the reasoning of his exposure. And are you suggesting we blatantly censor people in the name of peace? He has rights as an electorial candidate to say whatever he wants, too.
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  3. Abhilash P S

    Abhilash P S New Member

    Please don't divide people religiously. He is a smart player, playing game to increase his ratings and I believe he succeeded in that venture by making this controversy. A politician should play all the cards to reach the power, some succeed and some falls.
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  4. ZipMedia

    ZipMedia Member

    Agreed. His secret weapon is the exposure he gains by making statements riddled with hyperbole. I don't feel as if it disqualifies him either, as politicians aren't very renown for telling the truth. I feel like it makes him a better politician in general, actually, because although it may seem like he says all these things off the top of his head, he's actually taking a very serious route with his exposure.
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